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Welcome to Thrifty Travel Bug and thank you for visiting! I’m Beth, the wanderlust crusher, photographer, writer and Savings Ninja behind this blog. But, so I don’t take all the credit, my love, Nick and my friends oftentimes accompany me on my adventures. I will sometimes have guest posts from the Thrifty Travel Bug Community to share too! I can’t hog all the fun 🙂

about the author

I was born and raised in Ohio where I now live with Nick, our little dog Zombie and 2 kitties, Ash & Poe. All of them keep us on our toes, and we spoil them rotten. On occasion Zombie may even come on our random adventures! When he does, I’ll make sure we get some cute pictures of him to share with you as well!

I always joke that I’m a “Jackie of all trades, master of none,” because I have definitely lived my life and tried an assortment of career ideas! In school I got my degree in Graphic Design and have always had a love of photography. I owned and operated a paranormal tourism business, and took people to spend the night in haunted places! I am a certified tour director who can lead tours in any country, a real estate agent and a cosmetologist. Like I said, I’m not afraid of living… ha ha! I met my love during a horror convention and we joke that our first date was him coming over to help me move into my new apartment! He’s a keeper! We have been inseparable ever since, and we have gone on many awesome adventures together! We both have a love of all things odd and creepy, and we still try to spend the night in haunted places when time allows.


We have wandered around in old prisons, asylums, schools and other assorted buildings into the wee hours of the night. We someday plan to take on the Camino de Santiago, wander through the castles of Ireland and take amazing photos of the abandoned Battleship Island, Gunkenjima in Japan. For now, we will stick to the states and show you all the inexpensive and unique places you can traverse to your hearts desire!

I’m a tattoo junkie, bright hair colored fanatic and roller skater. I can dance to just about anything and will sing my face off to some karaoke! I love Halloween most of all, (for obvious reasons) eating, traveling and sharing the excitement of life in general with all of you!

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about the blog

I started this site as a way to catalog all of the different places I’d found off the beaten path. When I was younger and traveling, people always asked me how I found these places and how I could afford to get away so often. Now, as an adult I’ve decided that I can have a fun creative place to share my love of the unique or even odd sites this world has to offer! Some of these locations may even be in your own backyard!

The places you see here on Thrifty Travel Bug are all spots I’ve been to and have researched thoroughly (unless otherwise noted… some items will be bucket list places that I’d like to go to.) I am always on the hunt for our next grand adventure or wanderlust crusher until we can truly get away again. Both options are good, and I have learned so much about local areas in the last few years! I develop our trips through many hours of research. Some trips are a success and some are not. The successful trips are the ones that I will make sure to fill you in on!

I try to stick to thrifty travel to stay with the theme of the blog, but every now and again I may throw in some luxury to mix it up. Besides, if you start the savings series and indulge in these thrifty adventures, you may be headed to some luxury getaways soon too! Some posts will be daily adventures and others will be a full itinerary that you can follow. I have found that traveling is the most fulfilling activity. It keeps me curious and full of wonder. I hope that my blog will help you on your adventures!